Sheep Thoughts: Learning Right from Wrong

There once was a farmer named Stew. And Stew was a farmer of Ewe. It's true! As a young man in Scotland, Stew's job was birthing sheep. In fact, Stew was the first face that many of my friends saw when they entered the world. That's what he told my writer, Mike, who replied with "WHAT?!" And so Stew explained. When one mother sheep had a lot of babies and another had only a few, Stew would take from the lot and add to the few so that each mother ended up even, and so that each baby would get enough milk and attention. Makes sense but the problem, he explained, was that one mother wouldn't always accept the other mother's baby. Not all sheep are alike, you know, and mothers can smell the truth, so Stew would coat the newborn in the other mother's fluids, covering up right with wrong. That worked. The baby was then allowed to nurse from the mother who was not her own and, twenty minutes later, was walking around the meadow meeting all of ewes. We sheep are fast learners, see. And smart, too. The next day, according to Stew, the babies always figured out the truth and found their right mothers. So whoever said being born yesterday was a bad thing doesn't know Ewe!

don't always know right from wrong but, with a little time and patience, we figure it out.

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