Who is Ewe?

FOOLING EWE [Release: April 2013] is a beautifully illustrated picture book about Ewe, a precocious young sheep who's bored grazing all alone. Now Ewe wants to play and play tricks, on Chicken, Cow, and even Farmer. A sheep that doesn't follow, Ewe is mischievous but good-natured, thinks about now, not later, and wants to play, not work. No fooling, Ewe is you and the ("ewe" vs "you") wordplay in FOOLING EWE provides a sense of interaction between young readers and the characters. So follow along and see what it's like to be Ewe, to "Be different. Be Ewe."

Who made Ewe?

Mike is an elementary school teacher and attended Emerson College’s graduate writing program in Boston where he eventually met Todd who runs a charity to help orphaned children in Central Africa and volunteers as a first responder to global disasters. A self-taught artist, Todd never had the opportunity to illustrate until, one day, his dream intersected with Mike’s. Mike needed illustrations; Todd needed text.  Together, they are Ewe Guys.